White king 2

Use the Line menu to select the amount of active paylines on White King 2 casino game. The higher the percentage, the higher the highest possible payout for winning combinations. Each symbol has its own separate multiplier for maximum payouts. It is located in the main pay line which is usually displayed after a player hits the green “info” button. Note that while playing in a live casino you may not be able to see these symbols but when you play via the internet the symbols are shown behind a blue background.

There are two types of reels with this game, namely progressive and non Progressive. Payouts are made on each hand that reaches a maximum number of paylines, and in case of multi-line reel, paying out on all paylines once reaching a maximum number of symbols. Payout patterns on these two types of reels can also be mixed, as seen in the blackjack bonus features. The progressive reels have three symbols on each payline, and if you reach that amount of money on any one symbol then it would be declared a winner.

The free games on White King 2 slot machines have no specific payoffs apart from single symbol payouts, while the other pays can have multi-line and multi-syllable payoffs. There is also a special double symbol pay, and when this symbol combination is used, all paylines would count as a single payline. In free games the symbols displayed are different than in multi-line and progressive games, but both still have a maximum number of paylines that can be reached. It is recommended that the free slot reels be used for a practice run before taking the chance of investing real money in them. The real money games have much more in depth payouts and can be considered as a high risk investment.